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Universal JukeBox 6.0

Universal JukeBox is a simple jukebox that can play your favorite tracks
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Universal JukeBox is an audio file player for Windows. It was written using the .NET Framework 4.0, so you will need to have that installed in order to run the application. It is only a short download that takes a few minutes, though. The application is supposed to act as a real-life JukeBox.

The way the application works is as follows. You tell it where you have your music files stored, and the JukeBox will create a catalog of its own so that it can find your music quickly, should you use the search feature. You can then create playlists with all the songs that were added to the interface and play them. There is a mode called "party mode", which sends the application to full-screen and plays the music that you have on the "party mode" playlist. I wasn't able to go to the next song or play another song on the playlist using this mode, so I am thinking it is supposed to be automatic.

Graphically, the application looks very nice. It has a very streamlined design that is quite intuitive.

As an audio player, this application works extremely well. The automatic fade-in and fade-out effects are awesome. There are also different folder scanning modes, which make adding files a breeze.

José Fernández
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  • Great-looking interface
  • Good scanning modes


  • Not the most intuitive approach
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